7th February 2016

How to find accommodation in Milan

They say searching for accommodation in Milan is a full time job, let us tell you from our experience how true it is.

If you are not in Milan there are different ways to find accommodation. Each of them has different tricky aspects…

Usually when you decide to come to Milan for study or work, you look for accommodation through real estate agencies, Facebook groups, rental websites. Or you come to Milan for a short stay to search personally as you do in your hometown.

Let’s talk about them:

Real Estate Agencies

a) Fees: they will charge you at least one month of rent

b) Flexibility: they ask you to rent a flat for at least 1 year, usually they ask for a 4+4 contract (4 years + 4 years)

c) Communication: usually the don’t reply fast to emails, furthermore generally they do not speak english so it is a source of missunderstandings

d) Landlord representant: they will offer you their clients’ flats despite of flats’ conditions, location, landlords

Landlord / Tenant

a) Fake profiles: sometimes they are not real person, as they are found online (facebook or other websites) you cannot be sure that there is a real person behind a profile or email

b) Fake flats: Sometimes online flats do not exist and when you arrive you could find no one waiting for you in front of them

c) Advance payment: usually they ask you about sending the deposit before you arrive so there is a risk of losing that money

d) Virtual vs Reality: quite often they lie about the real condition of flat, room or area

f) Communication: lots of times they do not speak English so it is a source of misunderstanding

Personal search

a) Stressful: as new in the city, to deal with areas, transport connection, sometimes language, cultural differences, payment issues could be quite frustrating

b) Time consuming: the flat search takes usually weeks in order to find a proper accommodation and you should be focused on the main reason of your moving, university and job, and enjoy your first days in Milan

b) Added costs: as you need to book an Hostel or an Airbnb room meanwhile you find your accommodation

c) Communication: lots of times you may face problems because of linguistic barriers

…Or before you arrive, ask a friend to check the accommodation which you would like to rent…and MER is that friend you have in Milan

How easy would it be to get the best out of the previous three ways?

Doing it sitting on your sofa, drinking a hot coffee and checking accommodation offers online. Selecting those flats or rooms you like and calling your friend MER to check them. Finally decide which one to rent.

We belive that you should rent accommodation like you usually do at your hometown. First verify and then take it!

…So contact MER and get your accommodation verified 😉

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