6th February 2016

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How to inspect accommodations with MER in 3 steps

Step 1. Online search

You check all rental advertisements posted on external websites / Facebook and select some of them which potentially fit your requirements.

Step 2. Inspection

Send us the details and links of the accommodations you choose, pay the MER fee and we will inspect them.

What do we inspect?

Accommodation: We check if the online description and photos are genuine;

Location: We check up on safety of the surrounding environment, amenities and connections in the neighbourhood;

Tenants: We give you general information about who is living in the flat, if you are looking for a shared flat;

Host (landlord or the person who rents the accommodation on his behalf): personal documents / ownership of the flat;

On completion of the inspection you receive the “Verification Report”, a document with all details of the accommodations we have checked.

Step 3. Contract advisory 

Once you have choose the accommodation you like the most, you can ask for the “Rental Agreement”. To avoid misunderstandings, you will receive a document providing all the main rental details, to be signed by you and the host. Thus you can reserve the flat by paying the deposit directly to the host.


MER Fee 


When? Before we start the inspection process.

How much does it cost?

  • 30 euro per flat [for 1 – 2 flats]
  • 25 euro per flat [for 3 – 5 flats]
  • 20 euro per flat [for more than 5 flats]

Contract advisory

When? Once you select the flat.

How much does it cost?

  • 50 euro

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