Where to search for accommodation in Milan

If you look for accommodation in Milan there is no bigger marketplace than the web. You can easily find thousands of accommodations’ offers posted online. Here it is a list of the most famous websites were landlords, tenants and agencies usually post their offers: Moreover you can check […]

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About MER

MER was started by some friends who came to study and work in Milan. As new in Milan we all faced different issues while looking for an accommodation. As we were in Milan few friends called us in order to check some flats they found online. They were aware that searching a place in Milan […]

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How to find accommodation in Milan

They say searching for accommodation in Milan is a full time job, let us tell you from our experience how true it is. If you are not in Milan there are different ways to find accommodation. Each of them has different tricky aspects… Usually when you decide to come to Milan for study or work, you […]

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Our Services

How to inspect accommodations with MER in 3 steps Step 1. Online search You check all rental advertisements posted on external websites / Facebook and select some of them which potentially fit your requirements. Step 2. Inspection Send us the details and links of the accommodations you choose, pay the MER fee and we will inspect them. […]

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